Edge Control Brush

Essentials For Healthy Hair


A woman's hair is one of her beauty concerns that she is anxious about. Brushing the hair hundreds of times before sleeping was the practice that girls were told to do in order to make their hair shiny and healthy. This action may be true, and to implement it, you need a good tool to do it and it is your hair brush. To get that shiny, soft and healthy hair, you need the right hair brush. Having the right quality of hair brush will give your crowning glory the attention it deserves and in turn will boost your self-confidence.


Women frequent in going to the beauty salon in order for their hairstylist to make their  hair like a million dollar worth. If your hairstylist has the right good equipment like the brush, the result that you are hoping for could be a reality. With patrons satisfied and happy with what the hairstylist had done to their hair, they will be back in no time.


There are various kinds of hair brushes and its purpose. To get that curls and define hair, and to straighten that hair too, the round hairbrush will do the job. To curl the short hair, a smaller round brush is to be used. To curl or straighten longer hair, the larger round brush is advisable for using.


To straighten your medium to long hair, the wide and flat paddle hairbrush will do the job in smoothening your hair.  You can read more about hair care at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hair_care.


The vent hairbrush is great in giving volume to hair while detangling it. The vent hairbrush can make drying of your hair faster since it has a hole in the middle that allows air to go through.


Whether your hair is wet or dry, the half-round brush is best to use. For your quick touch-ups, the half-round brush is good to come in handy in your bag as you go around.


Giving you similar results as the half-round brush is the cushion hairbrush. It is great to use daily, with its massaging capability, while you are  brushing that medium to long hair.


To give volume to short hair, sculpting brush will do the job. It is best in giving your hair some movement especially for short and textured hair.


Very popular with many hairstylists, even if it is expensive, is the branded paddle brush. This brush gives a gentle and fast drying effect because of its boar and synthetic bristles composition. Any Regal Edge salon will brag of this type of brush in their place.


With your different types of brushes, you will for sure achieve the style you are wishing for. These brushes will allow you to have the hairstyle you want for the specific moment. Just a reminder, to have the best brush, make sure you buy also the good quality brush so as to treat your hair gently, properly and without damaging your scalp.